Sa, me miss you shooo much. Don't you miss me? HIHIHI XD Nine days I have to wait. K, I can't wait to meet you Sa! Seriously do! But, i have to wait for you :'> Ececeh, nanti datang kita beli pencil case together-gether k? hee :D tu ahh, Sumi ni macam dah nazak sangat. Semuanya tercabut hikhik Nak botak dah dia. Bini apa kabau? Sihat lagi tak? Wangi lagi tak? HAHAHA ke dah bau kepam? Sumi kita baru je basuh haritu dengan downy haha :D sebab lepas ni dia akan R.I.P 'Rest In Peace'. Sebab penggantinya bakal ketemu haha   dah lah merepek jek Jatty ni. Hakduhh -,- Kbai. 


Clear babeyhh! Got to see anything in my vlog? Oh man, I'd just deleted all the post before. Sorry!!! I didn't mean to do that actually. In another meaning, yess! Like hooorayyy! I've been waiting for the time to clean my  vlog from anything. Tadaaaaa~ You did it, Ezzaty. Congratulation!!! Okay, this time I'll be more careful with the stalkers. Shingg shingggg ~ Yeahh! It's me. The new me! Okay naaah. I'd better stop typing. It's time for cooking right now. My mom told me to cook errr -,- 'sayur' TEHEHE. Goodbyee fellas :3